Raiing Medical Company

Raiing Medical Company was founded in 2011 with a mission to help people make better healthcare decisions.  Whether you’re a doctor, caregiver or parent, connecting our simple wearable products to your mobile phone, tablet or PC allows information to be shared in real time regardless of location. Learn about our two products below.

The iThermonitor is an FDA approved wearable thermometer that transmits axillary body temperature every 4 seconds to a smart device (iOS or Android) via Bluetooth.  The smart device then stores the information on our cloud storage system allowing access to the data on demand.  Our app sends fever alerts if the temperature is over the customized threshold, and offers fever management information licensed from Boston Children’s Hospital.
The iFertracker is designed to help those wishing to conceive improve their chances of success. Our product can help predict when ovulation is likely to take place by capturing and analyzing a woman’s basal body temperature.


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