Greetings Launch Lab crew,

Greetings Launch Lab crew, We are very excited to welcome you aboard the Harvard Launch Lab! This booklet is your orientation for all things Launch Lab: space guidelines, how-to’s, community recommendations and more. We encourage everyone to take ownership of the space, and hope this booklet helps you feel right at home. If you think of something that needs to be added—please email your Community Manager at [email protected]


Launch Lab Access

We will provide one HUID per desk for your startup. Any HUIDs beyond the number of desks you rent will incur a $25 fee per HUID. Your HUID will allow you entrance to the Launch Lab 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. All team members must have their own desk, no matter if they are full-time or part-time. If you have multiple part-time members/interns who work at different times, they can share one desk—but when members are here they need their own desk space, versus hanging out on the corner of a team station.

When employees join or leave your startup, please alert the Community Manager as early as possible. When an employee departs, it is the Team Lead’s responsibility to collect their HUID and/or parking pass before the last day. Lost access cards are $25 for a replacement. Lost/unreturned parking passes incur a replacement cost of $250.

There are two ways to access the Launch Lab—via our main entrance on Rotterdam Street (at the back of the building), or via the 114 lobby at the front of the building.


Your team will be granted designated tables and chairs during your time at the Launch Lab. Desks may be configured as you see fit within your designated space. If you require storage drawers for your team please let the Community Manager know. As the space is always evolving, teams might be asked to change their location throughout the year. We like to think of these shifts as gaining a fresh perspective of the space and enjoying new neighbors!


You are able to access the Launch Lab 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by swiping your access card. The Launch Lab is staffed 9am-5pm by the Community Manager—but if the Community Manager is not onsite and there is a non-emergency issue, please contact Neal Doyle at[email protected]

114 Western Security Desk

The security desk is located inside the 114 Western Ave front lobby. A security guard is posted at the desk M – F 5am to 8pm and Saturdays 6am to 3pm. There is also a mobile security unit from 3pm-11pm, 7 days a week.

For emergencies, your Community Manager is the first point of contact. If the Community Manager is not onsite, please alert the security guard at the front desk, and then call 114 Western Ave Operations at 617.384.7700 and listen carefully for instructions.


You may have mail delivered to you at the Launch Lab, provided that you use the below address format:

Startup Name
Harvard Innovation Launch Lab
114 Western Ave.
Allston, MA 02134

Mail will be delivered to your mailbox once per day by the Community Manager. There is an outgoing mail slot for letters and a white basket for small packages across from the vending machines down the hall.


The 114 Western lot is a parking by permit only, and the building will tow anyone without a permit. The Launch Lab has a limited number of parking passes that are available on a first come, first serve basis. Team Leads are encouraged to share this information with the team and potential hires so the parking situation is understood in advance. Metered parking is also available in the i-lab parking lot (entrance on Western Ave to the west of the i-lab) and by the day in the Harvard Business School parking lot. There is no overnight parking in the 114 lot with the exception of emergencies and for these cases, the Management Office needs to be notified.


In order to print, you’ll need to download a driver for your Mac or PC:

PC Printer Drivers -
Mac users - Please see instruction sheet in your welcome packet.

You are able to copy, print and scan in B&W; and color at no cost. If you need custom print jobs, the closest vendor is located at the Business Center in the basement of Spangler Hall on the HBS campus.

Conference Room Reservations
Roomzilla Launch Lab:
Roomzilla i-lab:

You may reserve any of the Launch Lab conference rooms using the URL above. If you need to use the combined conference room Discovery AND Endeavor, please reserve both rooms. You may also reserve conference rooms at the Harvard i-lab using the i-lab Roomzilla system.

Make sure to check-in on the iPad when you arrive for your meeting—any meetings not checked in by 15 minutes after starting will automatically be cancelled. If you are having an impromptu meeting where you’re just ducking into a room, please make a local reservation on the iPad next to the room so others know when you’ll be finished. Also, please remember that conference rooms and phone rooms are for meetings and calls, not working alone.

Conference room TVs are Apple TV, VGA and Display port capable; we also have provided Mac dongles that convert the VGA cable to Mini DisplayPort. For any other ports please provide your own connection. If you have questions on how to connect your Mac to Apple TV, check this out:

Meetings and Events

The Launch Lab is a private workspace which offers occasional social gatherings that are members only—a great way to meet your community! Members are also able to hold private meetings with up to 12 people in the Launch Lab conference rooms. Public events within the space (either inside or outside the meeting rooms) aren’t possible at this time.

Phone Rooms

We have 7 phone rooms for on-demand use at the Launch Lab. To keep calls private, please use the in-room sound/fan system during your call. Also, please be aware of your time usage in the phone rooms as they are a much garnered community resource.

Office Supplies

We provide limited office supplies on the shelves above the printer and near the mailboxes, so if you need glue, envelopes, post-its, etc., please check there first.


If you wish to borrow a computer charger, MAC adapter, or mouse, please check with the Community Manager to see if any are available, and we are happy to lend them out.

Kitchen & Food

We’re happy to provide a selection of delicious snacks when you’re working, but please be reasonable and respectful on consumption. If you’re having a group meeting or work session and plan to provide many people with food and drinks, please think ahead and order from a local restaurant.

To help everyone know which food is personal, please label containers with your name and date. We have provided post-its and sharpies on the counter for this purpose. The fridge and freezer are cleaned out on Fridays at 3PM—any food or containers left inside will be thrown out.


The Launch Lab offers communal whiteboard space on most walls—any surface in the space with a red stripe up top has whiteboard paint. Though many desks have whiteboard space nearby, all walls can be used by any team, no matter their desk location. You are welcome to keep content up on the walls by your desk for the long term, but there will be a clean sweep of all walls 3-4 times a year. If you use the whiteboards in the conference rooms, please use the wipe-off markers and erasers (provided in each room), and please erase the entire board surface when you leave the conference room to make it friendly to the next user.

Taking Care of our Space and Community

To keep the Launch Lab shining and productive for everyone, please leave spaces even more awesome and clean than how you found them.

This can include:

- Cleaning conference room walls post-meeting
- Returning chairs and markers to conference and phone rooms
- Wiping counters when you see food debris

We encourage community values and promote taking care of each other and our shared space. Keeping our eyes open for opportunities to help the space and each other will only strengthen our community!


If you plan to have a temporary guest or visitor, it is your responsibility to greet your guests at either Launch Lab entrance when they arrive. We recommend passing along your cell number or email so they can contact you directly upon arrival.

Guest Parking

If you have visitors to the building that need parking, please advise them to park in a visitor’s spot, enter the front 114 entrance, and check in with security to sign the parking list Visitor’s parking spots have a three hour maximum.


You are responsible for safeguarding any computers, equipment, documents or other materials you may bring or leave in the Launch Lab. If you choose to bring or leave anything in the Launch Lab, you agree that the Launch Lab will not be liable for any damage, theft or loss that may occur. We recommend utilizing the storage cabinets for your belongings - let the Community Manager know if you need one (or more) for your team.

Lost and Found

Lost items found inside the Launch Lab should be turned in to the Community Manager. For Items lost onsite outside the Launch Lab, please check with the 114 Western security desk or at the i-lab security desk across the street.


Occupancy Payments

Occupancy payments are expected by the 1st day of each month paid by Check Only, made payable to Harvard University. Rent will be collected in person by the Launch Lab Community Manager. Your monthly invoice is only a reminder for your records—payment by the first of the month or even before is greatly appreciated.

Occupancy Deposit

An occupancy deposit, equal to the first month’s occupancy payment will be collected before move in. This deposit will be used to pay against your last month’s occupancy expenses, but if your team has increased in size, you will owe the difference between the last month’s rent and your prior month’s rent. Last month’s occupancy agreement deposit may be paid by Check Only, made payable to Harvard University.

ICE Contacts

The Launch Lab takes safety very seriously, and wants to be prepared in case of an emergency. When you begin tenancy at the Launch Lab you will be required to provide at least one ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact to keep on file.

Adding New Team Members

Your team growth is very exciting for the Launch Lab! Please let us know at least two weeks prior if your team will expanding so we can make sure to save enough desks. Along with emailing the Community Manager about your team growth, please add each new team member here:

Moving Out/Departing Team Members

We are excited to support your team during your time at the Launch Lab. When it is time to move on for your venture or a team member, please provide the Community Manager with at least 30 calendar days (by the first of the month prior to move out) advance notice of termination via email.

The rent deposit will be used on the last month of occupancy for the departing team or individual team member. Because we are a small space with limited desks, culture and community are of upmost importance. If it is apparent that a team isn’t the right fit, or doesn’t adhere to the space guidelines, the Launch Lab reserves the right to terminate membership


Keeping in Touch

We’ll send out Launch Lab newsletters with space updates, team events and fun information on a weekly basis. To find out what’s going on in the wider i-lab community, we highly recommend signing up for the i-lab newsletter, which is listed below. Here are many ways we love to help our community stay connected:


i-lab Access

Each member of your team will be granted a “membership” to the i-lab for the duration of your tenure at the Launch Lab. Your HUID grants you tap access to the i-lab. You may utilize all the i-lab resources, including conference rooms, prototyping lab, EIR appointments, and attend all i-lab events.
i-lab hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 8:00 AM to 1:00 AM
Fridays and Saturdays: 8:00 AM to 2:00 AM

You are not asked to leave after the hours stated above, but you cannot re-enter after that time.

i-lab Workshop & Prototyping

The i-lab has a workshop with hand tools and a 3D printer, but you must undergo a basic training with Neal Doyle ([email protected]) to access it. Please reach out to him to arrange a time to go over the capabilities and safety procedures for the workshop.



Harvard Shuttle - All Launch Lab members have access to the Harvard Shuttle service. To use the shuttle just jump on and enjoy the ride! Here’s the link to checking out the schedules and maps:

Mail and Package Services

UPS - The closest self-service UPS drop box is at 67 JFK Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. It is located next to Park (downstairs). The self-service box only provides express envelopes, but there is a Staples nearby if you need to purchase a mailing envelope. The drop box accepts all UPS packages (ground, express, etc.) up to 16in. x 13in. x 3in.

FedEx - There is a FedEx Express drop box just behind the i–lab in the entrance to the parking garage and tunnels. For a regular FedEx drop box, you have to head down to the dock at parking level.

Mail and Business Center at Spangler - You will find a post office and business center on the lower level at Spangler. If you need custom print jobs or a fax machine, Spangler is your best bet!

Food and Grocery

Allston Farmer’s Market Fridays from 3-6:30 p.m., June 20 through Oct. 24 at Swissbakers at 168 Western Avenue.

Spangler is located across the street from the Launch Lab on the HBS campus, and is a hidden gem. Along with a full-service Food Court on the first floor, there is also a Grille on the lower level offering many different types of cuisine.

Star Market A full grocery located at 370 Western Avenue.

Stone Hearth Pizza (GF, Vegan options): 182 Western Avenue; Local pizzeria with yummy food, drink, and dessert options.

Swissbakers 168 Western Avenue; Great for breakfast or lunch - a casual atmosphere great for off-site meetings.

Launch Lab Contact Information
Alison Baldyga Community Manager, Harvard Launch Lab 617.870.7190 [email protected]
Jodi Goldstein Managing Director, Harvard i-lab 617.495.6295 [email protected]
Neal Doyle Assistant Director, Harvard i-lab 617.495.3677 [email protected]